Fashion Cloth Masks and High Quality PPE

We painstakingly design and manufacture the finest quality cotton – 3 layer face masks possible. Our first consideration is always your safety and comfort as our primary goal.

We design and manufacture fashion masks that are high quality and hand-made in Los Angeles in an FDA certified manufacturing facility.

For every mask we sell, we will donate one mask to someone in need!  

We are a fashion house, and community is at the core of what we do and who we are. Being Los Angeles based provides inspiration from the mosaic of cultures that call LA home. We are donating one mask for every mask we sell, but you too can make a donation to people in need!

Make a Donation

If you would like to donate masks to a trusted charity. That's Great!

Submit Your Design

If you have a cool mask design and you want to sell on our site: Submit Your Designs Together, we can contribute wellness within communities locally and globally.

Where do the donated masks go?

We understand our community is vast, and you know where our products are needed, better than we do. With City of Angels PPE you have the ability to tell us exactly where you want your donated mask to go!  Do you want to help a women’s organization, small business, church group or just a friend in need? We want to help you bring them relief.

Let's Stay in Touch

We would be delighted to keep you informed about new styles, sales and especially… COUPON CODES


circumstances can shift quickly, here is some help to keep pace